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How Using a P.E.O. Can Help Protect Your Business

Web Based Employee Time Tracking

Identity theft is something that we are all aware of and think about in our everyday lives, but as a business owner do you ever think about your business info?  Let me share an incident that happened to us recently where a scam artist tried to impersonate a legitimate business to defraud us and an…

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How Should You Pay Casual Labor?

Outsourcing Payroll with Employee Leasing

Are day laborers considered employees?   Do I need to report payments less then $600?   How to make sense of it all? There has been a long-held belief that if you pay an employee, or contractor less than $600 in a year it could be called “casual labor” or “day labor”, and not report it…

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When Should I Hire a HR Company?

Employee Benefit Management

To Be or Not To Be Your Own HR Department. Business of every size can benefit from outsourcing their HR.  As a small business owner your time is very valuable. You shouldn’t be spending it worrying about human resources administration, and problems.  As your business grows, more and more of your time will be spent…

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Employee Leasing vs P.E.O.

Employ/Ease Human Resources via Employee Leasing

What is a PEO? What is the difference between employee leasing, and a PEO? Nothing, and everything.  First let’s identify what kind of company you are working with. A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization is a specially licensed company that enters into a co-employer relationship with a client, whereas an employment service provides the labor…

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