Staff Leasing and Benefits Management
"Taking the worry...
                                                    Out of being in business" Since 1989

What is Employee Leasing?

We become the employer by hiring all the current employees on a contractual basis.

What are the "Savings"?

The Section 125 Cafeteria Plan allows both employee and employer to save money!

Benefits Management

Employ/Ease specializes in customizing quality benifit packages to fit your companies needs.

Eleminate Tax Liability

You no longer have the hassles of reporting to the government... whe handle it for you because we take over the liability

How will this Benefit your Business

First, by taking over the headaches of everything that goes along with having employees, we allow you to focus on what you do best.. growing your business. Second, you and your employees save money by using our Cafeteria Plan.

What reports are Eliminated?

As much as three-quarters of a company's paperwork is employee related. By using Employ/Ease, you will eliminate the following reports, late filing fees, and penalties.

  • Federal 941 Quarterly Reports
  • Federal 940 Annual Reports
  • Monthly Workers Comp Reports
  • Quarterly Unemployment Reports
  • Unemployment Filing Reports
  • Federal Tax Deposits
  • Federal Unemployment Payments
  • Workers Comp Payments
  • State Business Tax Payments/Reports
  • W-2's I-9 Verification

By reducing your involvement with government agencies, Employ/Ease allows you to focus on what you do best; thus, increasing your bottom line.

The sole objective of Employ/Ease is to enable your company to be more productive, competitive and profitable by reducing the time spent on administrative and employee functions.