Staff Leasing and Benefits Management
"Taking the worry...
                                                    Out of being in business" Since 1989

What is Employee Leasing?

We become the employer by hiring all the current employees on a contractual basis.

What are the "Savings"?

The Section 125 Cafeteria Plan allows both employee and employer to save money!

Benefits Management

Employ/Ease specializes in customizing quality benifit packages to fit your companies needs.

Eleminate Tax Liability

You no longer have the hassles of reporting to the government... whe handle it for you because we take over the liability

How will this Benefit your Business

First, by taking over the headaches of everything that goes along with having employees, we allow you to focus on what you do best.. growing your business. Second, you and your employees save money by using our Cafeteria Plan.

What are the "Savings"?

One of the many benifits Employ/Ease offeres is a Section 125 cafeteria Plan. This allows employees to pay for there benifits pre-tax. This will not only save employees money because of there taxable income is reduced, but your matching tax burden will also be reduced.

Here is an example of an employee who earns $2500.00 a month

$2500.00 Gross Pay
-$141.25 FICA
-$196.25 Fed-Tax
=$2162.50 Net Pay
-$500.00 Insurance Premium
$1662.50 Disposable Income


Using our Cafeteria Plan.

$2500.00 Gross Pay
-$500.00 Insurance Premium
$2000.00 Taxable Income
-$113.50 Fica
-$121.25 Fed-Tax
$1765.75 Disposable Income

Extra available disposable income $1765.75 using Cafeteria - $1662.50 withought Cafeteria. This gives the Employee an extra $103.25 in his/her paycheck

Employers Savings

  • No matching FICA or Medicare on Cafeteria benefits is $500.00 x .0765= $38.25
  • Lower Unemployment Rates
  • Other employer savings available are discounts on Workers Compensation Premiums through not-government supplied insurance.